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Turn your damp, dirty crawl space into a dry, clean space you don't have to worry about.
Crawl spaces are notorious for allowing moisture into the structure of your home. This can cause a host of problems including rot and mold. Crawl space encapsulation aims to protect your home from this harmful moisture. When crawl space encapsulation is done right, your home has a barrier which does not allow moisture in. The added insulation also increases your homes energy efficiency.

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Storm Water Management, Drainage Solutions, and Crawl Space Solutions 

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AWESOME! The attached garage of our older home in Petaluma is located  lower than  the rest of the house. It accumulated water on the cracked floor during the rainy season each year.  Engineers and other contractors had proposed costly solutions!  Armando Chan came in and quickly determined that french drains inside the old garage would fix the problem.  He was so confident. He gave me such a reasonable bid.
He has been in this business for 11 years! After 2 days of work, not
only had his crew installed the drain and repaired the floor, but he
also finished off the cement walls of the garage and put apoxy on the
floor. In addition, he redirected the gutter run- off away from the
house. The garage looked so good afterwards, that I later used my
garage for an art show that I had planned!  I recommend Armando. He knows what he is doing, he is fast and very professional.

-Peggy S. , Petaluma 2017

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